Pokemon Go: the new AR + mode arrives on iOS 11
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Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go: the new AR + mode arrives on iOS 11

Pokemon Go does not stop to stop, including continuous updates and news for all the players of Niantic Labs creation. As you know by now, the app uses augmented reality to allow us to capture the infamous creatures of the Nintendo house, all with the simple use of the camera of our smartphone.

Today, through a new update for the iOS 11 platforms, developers are launching a new mode called AR +, which brings augmented reality to a new level, introducing a series of small new features for gameplay.

Pokemon Go: AR + and Expert Capture mode

Thanks to AR + technology, the Pokémon discovered with our iPhone will finally appear in scale. This means that if we spot a Charizard, for example, by approaching it, the Pokémon will appear to be in full size in the environment in which it is inserted. This is an implementation that will significantly increase the level of immersion in the game and the credit goes mainly to the same Apple and the features of the new ARKit.

Not being satisfied, AR + will also increase the difficulty of the game by adding a new “obstacle” for the coaches. This time the Pokémon will have a danger indicator, which will alert them in case we get too close. In this case, of course, the Pokémon will give it to your legs, but we will have a second chance to capture it by tapping on the tall grass.

Keeping distance from Pokemon, however, will not be particularly beneficial for players. In fact, the most daring can try to get the Expert Hunter’s Bonus: the coaches who manage to capture a Pokémon from a very close distance can earn bonuses with great and excellent pitches, as well as a greater number of experience points and Star Dust.

Recall once again that the AR + mode of Pokémon Go is already available on platforms that support iOS 11, specifically on iPhone 6S or higher. At the moment there is no news of a future update for Android devices.

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