A loophole in WhatsApp can reveal the person you are talking to
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loophole in WhatsApp

A loophole in WhatsApp can reveal the person you are talking to

A loophole in WhatsApp

The WhatsApp application comes with a feature called a loophole( A loophole in WhatsApp can reveal the person you are talking to) or that lets you know when someone is connected to the Internet or the last time that person was online. However, it also seems that this feature can be used to get some information about the user so there is the possibility of knowing what the person is talking about and even his sleep patterns.

This is according to the latest blog of software engineer Rob Heaton, who found that with a security vulnerability, WhatsApp can be used to spy on others. According to Rob Heaton, he envisions how someone can create an extension for Google Chrome and use it to monitor the status of the Web version of WhatsApp.

Therefore, it is not only possible for hackers to infer a person’s sleeping patterns, but it is also possible to use the data obtained to find out who else might be talking to him/her based on his or her contract status. Note that WhatsApp allows users to hide their last status, but regardless of whether this feature is enabled or disabled, users will see “Online” when they are connected to the Internet, which is used to track their activity.

This is not a critical security vulnerability, but engineer Rob Heaton believes that this data can be collected by third parties and sold to other companies for marketing purposes. It remains to be seen whether WhatsApp plans to handle this or not.

The Fact is that Whatsapp is being used for sharing files, photos and videos instead of other apps which are available on Google play store According to WhatsApp officials Almost the users of Facebook are Using WhatsApp too.

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