A fan creates LaboMan a nice fighter for Super Smash Bros.
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A fan creates LaboMan a nice fighter for Super Smash Bros.

We always like to offer a small space for the ingenious and sympathetic works of the fans and, in this occasion, we find one of the best we have seen lately. This is the idea of Javed L. Sterrit, an amateur animator who has wanted to propose to Nintendo in a charming way a new character for the Super Smash Bros he has recently announced for Nintendo Switch.

Dubbed LaboMan, it ‘s a nice nod to Nintendo Labo, the new card experience for Nintendo Switch. It is, in fact, a simple cardboard doll that uses its Joy-Con as a throwing weapon, and that was used as one of the promotional elements of the Labo itself when it was presented in January.

Of course this does not stop being a nice joke and, of course, will not be part of Super Smash Bros. when it launches throughout this year 2018 in Switch, but it is such a lovely joke that we could not help but echo her.

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